Cartoon Animal Towels (Set of 4 Animals) : £8.85

Is your son or daughter having a birthday party?  Buy these animal novelty towels as party favors to celebrate their birthday!

These cute novelty towels come in a beautiful gift box which will make a suitable gift for all occasions whether this be a gift for new parents for a newborn baby, a birthday present or Christmas stocking filler for your son, daughter or grandchildren, the list is endless!

Buy this special set of all four animal towels for the price of 3.

Each towel unravels into a flannel measuring 20cm x 20cm (shades may vary to image shown)

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Colours: Please be aware that shades can vary depending on which soap base is used. For strong colours the translucent base is best and for pastel/light shades the opaque base is best. eg red will show more red by using a translucent soap base and the same for black. However, when using red with the opaque soap base this can appear more on the pink side, where black will appear as a grey shade.

Scent: Please be aware, some scents do colour the soaps (e.g Spice has a yellowing effect, sweet dreams has a browning effect). We will try to match your colour choice as much as possible but if the scent chosen does not mix well then this can be difficult e.g a yellow soap with sweet dreams scent will gradually appear more brown due to the browning effect in the fragrance, please check the scent description list for which fragrances can cause this. As a result, we reserve the right to amend your choice to try and prevent such occurrences or in case of stock shortage. This will be kept to a minimal.

For a description of each scent, and to ensure the fragrance in which you are choosing is in stock, please view our scent description page.

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